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I came to see Samira years ago for a Reiki Treatment to sort out various problems relating to allergies and digestive problems and frankly was a little sceptical when she started the treatment.  What a cynic was I. I have now followed her advice for over 3 years and can honestly say that I sleep better, eat better and generally have more energy than I have had in years.

Some of the products (especially the Aloe)  Samira recommends have made me blanche slightly but they have always worked and even during the procedures, she always makes me laugh!!!!!

The other staff at Bee Beautiful are wonderful. Happy, polite and smiling people who are always happy to chat and bring you delicious tea - I can firmly recommend Bee Beautiful to anyone who is squeamish about getting well and healthy.

Tracy Co-Coordinator


Samira, at Bee Beautiful, is a dream. She makes being cleaned up 'inside' seem like a real treat and is so refreshingly friendly and well informed about a multitude of related health issues that one learns whilst one is being sorted!  The whole place is so refreshingly upbeat and pleasing. Anyone who goes to Sam is in very safe hands.

Mary Theold


I have had several treatments with Samira at Bee Beautiful and her soothing attitude and reassuring care has been fantastic -- just what I have needed as I am also receiving treatment for cancer. Samira's knowledge of diet, nutrition and the therapies she offers is outstanding and I feel my health has benefited from her help. I would highly recommend Samira and her treatments to everyone.

Tonie Sheenan----------------------------------------------------------------------

Although open-minded to new experiences, I would never call myself a Health or Beauty Regular and I definitely verge on the nervous side. However my visits to Bee Beautiful have completely changed my perspective.

When I first dipped my toe in the water to have a Paraffin Wax Foot Pedicure, recommended for my dried foot condition, I was greeted by Samira, whose calming presence & knowledge immediately soothed my querulous nerves. So much so, that I agreed to have a course of 4 over a month! The treatment itself was certainly comfortable but totally painless & having a mini-biology lesson at the same time, the hour passed by pretty quickly.

The staff at Bee Beautiful have all been incredibly welcoming & soothing - explaining their individual treatments in simple terms whilst also outlining ways that one can retain the benefits of the treatment for weeks to come.


Noel Timmons


Went to see Samira on the recommendation of my sister and her husband, who clearly benefited from the advice and nutritional and dietary regime, that they were put on. My results were slightly less impressive no doubt due to my lower level of determination. In combination with the vitamins and food supplements and the ease at which I can communicate with Samira by email with my questions, I am happy with the results and will be coming back soon for a reassessment visit.

Kristine Cook


Having an Aloe Consultation has really had a positive affect on my life. I no longer have problems with my bowels and I have much more energy. I used to be a frequent sufferer of both cystitis and now, I can't remember the last time I had any symptoms! I have also lost quite a lot of weight- and the only thing that I have changed in my life is to have a monthly session with Samira.

Samira is lovely and really friendly and makes you feel totally at ease with the whole process. I really would strongly recommend a visit to Bee Beautiful to anyone.

Chloe Judd


I have been a client at Bee Beautiful over the last year and cannot speak highly enough of the waxing treatment. My biggest regret is that I only discovered this oasis in the Heath in one year ago! Samira manages to create a thoroughly relaxing and calming ambiance with her effortlessly friendly and highly personable manner making the whole experience easy as can be. The over-whelming feel- good factor post treatment has to be experienced to be believed. Just like a visit to my hairdresser, a 'regular' (ha ha Samira) appointment with Samira at Bee Beautiful is now an established part of my routine.

Sarah Williams


This is just to say that despite my apprehension of having a waxing treatment you have now convinced me that this method is more than tolerable, especially with you at the helm.

You were gentle and reassuring and I had not even taken my coat off! You guided me through it step by step, despite the fact that I am a prize coward and have never done this before.

I really felt very comfortable despite the nature of the business and my initial wariness. The way you interacted with my little one through out the  the treatment, I found fascinating and it took my mind off the other things that were going on!

Thank you so much for everything. I would recommend this treatment, but especially if I knew it were you administering it.

Danielle Goodman


Samira's dietary recommendations are second to none; her profound knowledge and respect of the way in which our bodies work, together with her understanding of how hectic and stressful today's lifestyles have become, make any visit to her something to look forward to. Bee Beautiful offers treatments that are not only supportive but highly beneficial on both the physical and emotional level and which are completely unintrusive. Every visit makes you feel a new woman and i would be lost without them!!

Sonia Bacon


For me, Bee Beautiful has simply become a way of life. Having initially visited, fists clenched in anticipation, I soon discovered it was the first step of my body wrap as detoxifying & cleansing my system and putting me on the path to a healthier way of life, but also helping me on the way to a fair bit of dietary cleansing!

Through my regular visits to Bee Beautiful over the past year and a half, I have been introduced to a whole new way of thinking in terms of what I put into my body, what I try to leave out of it (well, most of the time!) and generally how to help ensure things will carry on ticking over nicely until I'm well into my second childhood...

Gaynor Pritchard


I had my first appointment with you yesterday and would like to thank you for the excellent service I received. You were very professional, caring and so sincere in your demeanour to me as I made you aware that I had previously visited another local salon on a number of occasions and had felt very uncomfortable with the environment. Needless to say I will return and also will be more than happy to recommend you. Many thanks once again.
Leona Braun


I have had Brazilian waxing done at 3 or 4 different salons over the past 4 years or so and this was probably one of the best waxes I've ever had! Also, I was seen to promptly though I arrived a little early for the appointment. I am very impressed with the long opening hours of the salon since many salons are only open during office hours then book up quickly at weekends.
M. Whottley


Body wraps promise to tighten your skin, eliminate toxins, treat eczema, and even lose you six inches after a single session.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a  Body  Wrap, but I'm willing to give any non-surgical treatment that promises to perk up your droopy bits and guarantees a minimum loss of six inches a whirl. So here I was, naked but for a pair of  knickers and a shower cap, in a beauty salon.

Samira, who was carrying out the treatment, started out by taking  different measurements from various areas around my body:  upper chest, under bust, waist, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knee, calf, thigh, forearm and wrist. She then covered me in a warm Gel before wrapping me from ankle to bust in Cling Film &  cotton bandages.

'The Gel mix exfoliates the old dead skin and draws out tissue waste,' explained Samira.

This detoxification process is what actually causes the inches to be lost as it tightens and firms the skin. The wrap helps to compact the soft body tissues and sculpt the body's contours. That's why you lose inches but don't actually lose any weight.

Sweating it out
Samira helped me onto the bed - the bandages don't allow much room for movement - and left me there enveloped in a thermal blanket to sweat out all my impurities.  I promptly fell asleep - the most relaxing part of the treatment. She woke me after an hour or so and removed the blanket. This was quite a rude awakening, as you go from cosy warm cocoon straight to standing freezing cold and covered in tight, soggy bandages.

The bandages were swiftly removed and the remaining Gel wiped roughly off my body.  I was advised not to shower that night and to leave the residual gel on for as long as possible after the treatment. Apparently the gel solution remains in your skin for three to four days after the wrap continuing the dual detox and tightening process.

Measuring up
I was then measured all over again. I didn't lose inches all over, but I lost just over an inch from my waist and thighs and a couple off my calves and upper knee. In total I lost 7.6 inches and was relieved to find I hadn't lost anything off my bust.  I must admit it wasn't that noticeable to me at the time, but in the days that followed I found that my clothes felt a little loose and the skin on my body looked toned and felt soft and healthy.

Lasting results?
It's only been a few days, so I can't say whether the inch loss will stay put, but I feel altogether healthier and revitalised. The results are terrific motivation to stick to a healthier diet and to maintain a regular exercise programme in a bid to keep those extra inches at bay. Wish me luck!  

 Shiesta Doa.

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