Corporate Massage 

The simplest and most cost-effective employee benefit you'll ever find for your office


Bee Beautiful massage therapists are experienced professionals who are fully accredited, qualified and insured in seated massage (and often in other natural therapies as well), designed specifically for you our client.


Quality Guarantee:

1. Our massage therapists are fully qualified Massage therapists, Fully Insured, and experienced in Seated Massage, as well as 1st Aid Certificate Qualified.
2. Our massage therapists are registered with IFHT  (UK  Massage Associations).
3. Complimentary Roster provided for HASSLE-FREE booking system.

Important Workplace Massage Information:

·         Your investment starts from as low as £3 per session.

·         A session is given in the office with the client fully clothed, either at or away from their work area. 

·         Each session ranges from 5 to 10 minutes per person, although we recommend 10 minutes for optimum benefit. 

·         Depending on your needs, practitioners may focus on the back and shoulders, but also on high stress areas including the arms, hands, neck and other areas. 

·         Studies show that seated massage achieves best results on a weekly basis

·          Corporate seated massage is a form of relaxation and stress management relief at your workplace, where your muscles are massaged, as well as using pressure points and energy pathways to heal and relax your body and mind. 

·         Corporations and Government, large and small, engage workplace massage therapists regularly to keep staff performance at its best


Workplace Benefits             

  • The importance of offering corporate massage is evident from the following perspectives
  • Adds goodwill to your firm and increases morale through employee recognition as workplace massages are individual and personal

  • Helps to prevent long term stress that means loss of work, and expensive healthcare


  • Allows individuals the time out to reflect on a situation from a relaxed perspective rather than in an intense frame of mind whereby the most simple solutions are often overlooked


  • Improves staff relations and enhances work environment because everyone feels better

  • Attract and retain key talent

  • Increases energy, creativity and mental clarity

  • Increases motivation and productivity

  • Cost effective, time efficient and health conscious solution!


    • Seated massage can be done at the convenience of your desk, workstation, or meeting room

    • Performed on a "free running" block session basis, achieving between 4 and 5 sessions per hour, allowing a number of staff to enjoy the benefits of a brief relaxing massage without greatly interrupting their work pattern

    • Recipient is fully clothed

    • No oils or creams are used (unless requested), and all work is done through a towel

    • Soft, relaxing music can be played upon request

    • A headache, sore neck or back pain can be focused on by your therapist

    • Health Fund rebates may be available under extended health care plans

    • Corporate Massage Services are a 100% tax deductible health benefit when offered to all employees.  Subject to each company's Tax Officer's approval

    • Massages are enjoyed by almost everyone!

    Why have a regular Massage at your workplace?
    Massage at work plays a vital role in stress management for your staff in today’s fast-paced society.  Research over recent years has resulted in many scientific papers outlining the benefits of massage for employees.  Current medical research performed, indicates that a basic 5 minute chair massage not only decreased job stress but significantly increased alertness and work productivity.  Some health benefits of massage may include:

    • Relief from muscular tension and pain

    • Calming of the nervous system

    • Improved circulation and elimination of wastes and toxins

    • Reduced blood pressure

    • Increased mobility and greater flexibility

    • Relief from travel fatigue and jet lag

    • Drainage of congested sinus

    • Break up of scar tissue, adhesions and fibrosis resulting from injury

    • Relief from anxiety, headaches and migraines

    • Relief from eye strain and aching back muscles

    • Diminishes insomnia

    • Improves digestive system functionality

    • Relief from tension related respiratory disorders such as asthma

    • Improved posture

    • Relief from stress injuries and conditions such as RSI, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, lower back pain, sciatica neck and shoulder tension. 

    Other Options:

    One on One Massage Session
    Choose from 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours for a massage that will relax your tight muscles and soothe your soul.  Allocate a room in your workplace, and choose to have your massage on a special massage bed or in a massage chair.  Appropriate relaxation music makes an ideal setting to enjoy the experience.  



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