"How and Why Magnotherapy Works"

 The benefits of Magnotherapy are the result of a change in pH

that is triggered by magnetic energy.             

A range of non-allergenic, water-resistant wristbands, designed to be worn on the wrist where the large blood vessels are near the surface as well as bracelets and body care products.

The unique CRP magnetic module influences all the blood as it circulates round your body. 

 Q. What is Magnotherapy?
A. The use of magnets to promote healing, improve health and for pain relief has been used in the Far East for centuries.  It is now recommended by many doctors, physios and vets. It is believed that a combination of magnetic fields applied to the body helps to create agitation of molecules in the blood, helping it to carry more oxygen and remove toxins more efficiently. The principle is that the magnetic energy fields speed up the blood supply.  This allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream which in turn allows a more efficient absorption of the nutrients.  At the site of injury, toxins gather and inflammation occurs.  Magnotherapy is believed to help in removing toxins, thus reducing swelling.

Q . Why Ecoflow products?
A. Ecoflow designed and patented Central Reverse Polarity magnets specifically to maximise the agitation of the molecules - whether blood, petrol, diesel, gas oil or water the result is the same - better efficiency.

* Complete peace of mind
* Guaranteed against faulty parts and workmanship.
* Magnetic properties guaranteed for life.
* Customer loyalty scheme.            The only product with


   Banish aches and pains for you and your pets naturally and drug free with Bioflow Magnotherapy products. 

 A non-invasive, natural therapy which enhances your body's own ability to heal itself and to manage all kinds of pain including neck, back and knee pain, migraine, cramp, RSI, poor circulation, sports injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstruation, rheumatism, arthritis... and other lifestyle products.

 Effects of Magnetic Energy on Living Metabolic Systems


Negative Magnetic Field Energy

Positive Magnetic Field Energy

Increases cellular oxygen

Decreases cellular oxygen

Pulls fluid & gasses

Pushes fluid & gases

Reduces fluid retention

Increases intracellular oedema

Encourages deep restorativesleep

Stimulates wakefulness

Fights infection

Accelerates micro organism growth

Supports biological healing

Inhibits biological healing

Reduces inflammation

Can increase inflammation

Normalises acidic base balance

Acidic metabolic response

Relieves/stops pain

Increases pain

Relieves withdrawal symptoms by reducing inflammation

Relieves withdrawal by endorphin production

(Non addicting)


Can reduce/stop symptoms

Can intensify symptoms

Promotes mental activity & reasonableness

Promotes mental over activity & unreasonableness

Promotes bright happy affect

Promotes dull depressed affect

Reduces/dissolves fatty deposits

Encourages fatty depositing




  The negative magnetic field is equal to the Earth's north pole, negative ionization & negative DC circuit, while the positive magnetic field is equal to the Earth's South Pole, positive ionization & the positive pole of the DC circuit.

Characteristically negative magnetic energy normalizes & calms, while positive magnetic energy disorders & over stimulates the biological system.

Micro organisms & parasites (including those harboured in the human) overgrow with positive magnetic energy exposure & are inhibited by negative magnetic pole exposure

The medical profession accepts and supports the use of electrically generated pulsed magnetic fields to help relieve pain.

Bioflow mimics these through a patented static magnetic field known as Central Reverse Polarity.   At a fraction of the cost, it is completely safe and does not require electrical power.

As blood passes through the field it is subjected to a magnetic pulsing effect which we believe helps the body maintain a balanced pH (the information base of pain) and maintain good conductivity in the cells (essential for good health).

Vitaflow Magnetically conditioned water is considered to be beneficial for health. While the exact mechanism is uncertain, water passed through Ecoflow's CRP magnetic field deposits less limescale. The natural mineral salts thus remain in the water and are more easily processed through the body.Reports of improved digestion and reduced intestinal problems from people who drink magnetised water are common. Magnetically treated water has proven to be extremely beneficial to the health of cattle - and no one told the cows that the water was treated! Why not try it for yourself? With our unique 90-day money-back warranty, you cannot lose.

Vitaflow has been developed to provide the best possible drinking water. All the health and taste benefits of magnetically conditioned water are instantly available from tap, bottled, or filtered water  £25.00

  Combat Mobile Phone radiation

What's a Bio phone?  A.  Bio phones are small, discreet units formally known as 'Vectors' which are designed to be fitted to mobile and cordless phones to neutralise the harmful effects of the radiation they release. 

Developed after lengthy scientific research, Bio phones enhance the body's natural ability to protect itself from dangerous external influences and give you the best chance of protection.

Q. How Can Mobile & Cordless Phones Affect My Health?

A. The more scientific research 
that's conducted into the harmful effects of radiation, the more health problems are discovered to be linked to the use of mobile and cordless phones.                                  

These include: Chronic Fatigue,  Inner Ear Problems,  Headaches,  Confusion,  Nausea,  Memory Loss,  Mental Stress Increased Neuroticism,  Behavioural Disorders,  and Dizziness to name but a few.

Extensive research proves that these complaints showed significant improvement after Bio phones were fitted.   But I Feel Fine...    The vast majority of people using mobile and cordless phones don't experience side-effects in the short term so it's only those who are suffering now who appreciate just how effective Bio phones can be; the main concerns about radiation given off by phones however is not in the short term at all, but in the long term and the simple truth is that no-one really knows what kind of harm they could be doing so it's a very frightening thought that children and teenagers who use mobile and cordless phones are even more vulnerable to harmful emissions 
as their skulls are considerably thinner than those of adults.

 Are you really prepared to wait and take the risk?

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